How to Use SharePlay on iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1

Apple has rolled out iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 updates for users of their devices. Present as one of the major updates, this update brings a number of new features that were not present in iOS 15. One that users have been waiting for is the SharePlay feature. As the name implies, this feature allows users to jointly access multimedia content on their respective devices via FaceTime. With this feature, users can watch Apple TV Plus or Apple Music content via FaceTime. In addition, users can also share content or do screen sharing through this feature. Apple has just rolled out the iOS 15.1 update, an update for iPhone users around the world. 

Present as a major update, this latest version of Apple's OS introduces a number of new features that did not appear in iOS 15. In addition, the company also claims that the iOS 15.1 update brings increased camera capabilities for iPhone 13 Pro users. Without further ado, here are the new features in iOS 15.1 as quoted from Macrumors, Tuesday (26/10/2021). 

SharePlay is a feature that allows users to do virtually anything with FaceTime‌. Apple includes options for listening to music and sharing playlists with others, and watching TV and movies. In addition, users can also share any content on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac with others using this SharePlay.
Previously, SharePlay was planned to launch together with the iOS 15 update. However, Apple decided to postpone it because there were still problems and it was not ready to be released globally.

For iPhone 13 Pro owners, Apple has finally delivered on their promise to improve the ability of their phone cameras to shoot high-quality ProRes video. ProRes is a professional video recording format used by TV, commercial, and film studios. Apple claims, this format offers higher color detail and less compression. This ProRes feature also allows iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max owners to record, edit, and share professional-quality videos from smartphones. Users can enable this ProRes feature by opening Camera in the Settings menu > Format > and clicking Apple ProRes to activate it.

Auto Macro Toggle iOS 15.1 introduces a new button to enable and disable the Auto Macro feature. When turned off, Camera will not automatically use the Ultra Wide camera to take macro photos and videos. Apple is also bringing Lossless sound and Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio capabilities to the HomePod and HomePod mini when connected to an iPhone. The company is also now allowing users to add vaccine cards to the Apple Wallet app.

The company also improved the features of a number of applications, such as Home App, Shortcuts, and updated the battery algorithm for the iPhone 12 model. For iPad users, it already supports Live Text. In addition to the above, this update also fixes various bug fixes in Photos, Weather app, Wallet, Wi-Fi, and many more. So, how to use the SharePlay feature on devices that already get iOS 15.1? So, here is how to use this feature

1. Start a FaceTime Call and make sure the recipient of the call is also running iOS 15.1.
2. Once connected, you can immediately switch to the Apple Music app or Apple TV
3. If the application is already open, all you have to do is play the content you want to play and the SharePlay option will appear.
4. The other person receiving the call must also choose to accept the SharePlay request in order for it to be played on two devices.
5. Besides SharePlay, another feature that is also presented is screen sharing.
6. Users just need to select the Share My Screen option located on the right to show the screen of their device to others. Keep in mind, in order to enjoy content with SharePlay, both users must both subscribe to the service they want to enjoy. The plan, this feature will also support third-party applications, such as Disney Plus and HBO Max.

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