Samsung Will Sell Galaxy A and Galaxy M Series Smartphones Without a Charger?

In 2021, Samsung decided not to include a charger head in its flagship smartphone box, starting with the Galaxy S21 series. Samsung, a global company from South Korea, is following Apple's steps, which had previously implemented the same thing. In 2020, Apple released the iPhone 12 without a charger head in the box, citing environmental concerns. Despite removing the charger head in the Galaxy S21 box and other flagship smartphones, Samsung still provides charger heads for phones that are more affordable, in this case the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series.

Valid for Galaxy A and Galaxy M?

However, this situation will soon change. Based on information from Indian leaker Yogesh Brar, Samsung will not provide a charger head in the box sales of its upcoming Galaxy A and Galaxy M smartphones. If this news is true, buyers of the latest version of the Galaxy A or Galaxy M need to provide their own charger head to charge their cellphones. If you don't have one, the buyer has to buy a charger head separately.

Galaxy A Smartphones That May No Longer Get A Charger Head?

If this rumor is true, the company's decision clearly aims to reduce the production costs of the A and M series smartphones. Moreover, the Galaxy A series is often included in the best seller category in Samsung's Galaxy smartphone line. To justify its decision to remove the charger head from the sales box, Samsung may use ecological reasons. In this case, removing the charger from the sales box is likely to be linked to efforts to reduce e-waste. Reducing box size allows companies to ship more product at less cost while minimizing ecological impact. Reportedly, the first models affected by this new policy are the Galaxy A73, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A33, and Galaxy A23. Smartphones are rumored to be released around March 2022.

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