10 Best Trusted Forex Stock Trading Applications 2022

The best and most trusted trading application is very important for investors to be able to trade and invest online comfortably. What is the list of the best trading apps in 2022? We review these trading application options in this article. Not only stock app, but also forex app. The following is a list of the best and most trusted trading applications in 2022: 

1. Indopremier Securities IPOT The online stock application from IndoPremier is IPOT (IndoPremier Online Trading). PT Indo Premier Sekuritas (“IndoPremier”) has a license from the Capital Market Supervisory Agency/Financial Services Authority (OJK) number KEP-11/PM/PPE/1996 and is arguably a financial supermarket because it offers many features: buying and selling mutual funds, stock trading, buy IPOs and more, helping consumers invest in various instruments. Indopremier has branches not only in Jakarta, but also in big cities such as IPOT Surabaya and IPOT Bandung. 

There is no minimum capital requirement for opening a share account at Indopremier. That's right, customers don't need to deposit funds to open an account. Later, if you want to make a share purchase transaction, the customer will then deposit according to the number of shares to be purchased. So, if the stock trading value is Rp. 100 thousand, practically the customer only needs to deposit Rp. 100 thousand to Indopremier. This policy clearly helps retail investors to enter the capital market. Opening an account at Indopremier is enough to do online and within 1 day the account can be opened. 

The condition is one, investors must have an e-KTP. Currently, customers who have e-KTP can register in the IPOT application. No need to send documents and the process of opening a finished account within 1 day. In addition to conventional accounts, consumers can open Islamic securities accounts at Indopremier IPOT. Sharia stock accounts have provisions that Sharia accounts are only used to transact sharia shares that are included in the Sharia Securities List (DES), sharia ETFs (30 Sharia shares included in the Jakarta Islamic Index) and Mutual Funds (general and sharia) with a trading limit of 1:1 . 

Trading limit of 1:1 on a Sharia account means that a Sharia account cannot trade on margin (debt), if you want to buy shares at a price of Rp. 1 million, then Rp. 1 million must be available in the investor's fund account. Indopremier stock IPOT has features for investors who like to do online trading, namely: The dashboard and features in the IPOT application are easy to use and convenient for all investors, even beginners. Charts for technical analysis are provided complete and comprehensive. This chart is very useful for investors to analyze price behavior and do day trading Financial data and financial reports for each stock are available in full and have a history of going back several years. To carry out a fundamental analysis of stocks, it is sufficient to support data from IPOT. 

Integration with IPOTFUND Mutual Fund Supermarket. If the idle funds have not been used for stock transactions, the funds can be temporarily transferred to Money Market Mutual Funds and can be disbursed quickly if needed. In this way, customers can earn decent interest (because they are placed in Money Market Mutual Funds) compared to stopping at an almost interest-free stock fund account. 

CS service via Telegram. Investors can contact during exchange hours and get a response on the same day. CS Indopremier Sekuritas Call Center at Pacific Century Place 16/F SCBD Lot 10, Jl. Gen. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta 12190 and P: +62 (21) 5088-7200 Available account options: Regular, and Sharia There is no minimum initial deposit for account opening: Fees are as follows: Share selling fee: 0.29% per transaction Share buying fee: 0.19% per transaction 

2. Mandiri Sekuritas Online MOST PT Mandiri Sekuritas has a stockbroker license through the Decree of the Capital Market Supervisory Agency (Bapepam) No. 12 of 1992 and the underwriting license through Bapepam Decree No. 13 of 1992, registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). 

The application from Mandiri Sekuritas is called MOST, Mandiri Sekuritas Online Trading. MOST can be accessed via the website or download the application on your cellphone. The MOST application is very easy to use. Not complicated. The functions in MOST are structured to make it easier for investors, even beginners. For beginners who are still afraid to start investing, Mandiri also provides a MOST Trial, which is a tool to directly experience stock trading without the risk of losing money.

Mandiri Sekuritas Online Features, MOST worth noting: Mandiri Sekuritas is the largest and most active state-owned securities company on the stock exchange. Customer registration can be done online, simply by preparing an e-KTP, taking a selfie holding the e-KTP and NPWP. Mandiri Sekuritas has a complete range of capital market investment products, namely: conventional shares, sharia shares, mutual funds, bonds and government securities, as well as IPO issuance. The number of products helps consumers to diversify their investments. The Mutual Fund collection at MOST is complete, various types of Mutual Funds are offered not only by Mandiri Investasi, but also by other Investment Managers Comprehensive face-to-face classroom training facilities, divided into 3 levels according to customer understanding. 

Complete online training facilities on the Mandiri Sekuritas website Access to research results and daily updates on market and economic developments from experienced analysts from Mandiri Sekuritas. When I opened at Mandiri securities, I created an Investor Fund Account at Mandiri Tabungan Bisnis. To that end, Mandiri Sekuritas requires customers to open a savings account at Bank Mandiri. The good thing is that investors who have personal accounts at Mandiri can top up and withdraw funds at no cost and faster. 

Minimum Deposit for Mandiri Sekuritas The provisions at Mandiri Sekuritas are: Available account options: Regular, Sharia and Full Service Minimum initial deposit for account opening: IDR 2,000,000 for students, IDR 5,000,000 for the general public and IDR 100,000,000 for full service Mandiri Securities Fee The difference in fees between regular and full service accounts. Regular. Transactions yourself (without the help of a broker) using an application or web-based. Buy fee: 0.18% and Sell: 0.28%. Full Service. A combination of online and conventional stock transaction services (via telephone) with the help of a broker. Buy fee : 0.25% while Sell : 0.35% It should be noted that a minimum fee applies at Mandiri Sekuritas, meaning that no matter how small the number of share transactions, the minimum fee for buying or selling is IDR 5 thousand. Mandiri Sekuritas CS Call Center: Care Center-Phone: 14032 Care Center-Email care_center@mandirisek.co.id Twitter: @mandiri_OLT Facebook : Mandiri Sekuritas Online Trading Instagram: @mandiri_sekuritas MOST provides a special Chart menu that displays a chart of stock movements in the Exchange. 

Charts are very important for online trading because they are used as the basis for making stock buying and selling decisions. The charts provided in MOST are complete. Can be seen in the image below various technical analysis charts: Margin facility is where customers get loans/financing for transaction settlement. Customers can make margin transactions with a separate account from the previous account they have, whether it's an online account or a full service account. This facility is provided with the following conditions: Apply for margin transaction facilities and have been a Securities Customer for 3 months, followed by an assessment and approval from Mandiri Sekuritas Minimum initial deposit of IDR 200,000,000.00 and securities traded including marginable share The trading limit is (2.81 x cash) + (1.81 x portfolio). The fees charged for both buying and selling transactions follow the regular account transaction fees. 

3. CIMB Securities CIMB Sekuritas has an online trading application, namely CGS-CIMB iTrade. The application can be downloaded on the Playstore and Apple Store. A number of benefits of using iTrade from CIMB, namely: Easy to use so you can transact comfortably. Access for free to read CIMB Group's securities analysis reports and technical analysis in the Asia region provided by leading analysts and economists. Provide securities transaction facilities anytime and anywhere. iTrade provides various features for customers to be able to perform online stock trading optimally. 

Advanced Chart, more detail and several chart models available such as Bars, Candles, Hollow Candles, Haikin Ashi, Lin, Area, Baseline. User can access Intraday Chart and Historical Chart. Many indicators like EMA Cross, Ichimoku Cloud, MACD, Stochastic RSI etc. 

Stock Screener, investors can sort stocks in the market with the Stock Screener menu based on technical analysis indicators. Heatmap, investors can see the overall market conditions by using the Heat Map. Stocks are displayed, grouped by sector. The color of the stock area shows the price changes on that day and the stock area can be compared based on Market Cap, Volume, Value, or Frequency. Smart Order which includes various features. Smart Order Portfolio is a system that can send orders automatically to the exchange if the trading price has touched the conditions that we have set previously

Buy – Smart Order there are 2 options that can be used, namely: Stop Loss to maintain orders that have been matched on that day so that they can be sold at a loss that we have determined and are valid for a period of 1 day. Take Profit to keep orders that have been matched on that day so that they can be sold at a predetermined profit and are valid for a period of 1 day. 

In Take Profit there is only one price condition that determines when the order will enter the market. The price can be directly input. While the price used to enter the market there are 2 choices, namely: At Price – orders that enter the market will use the price entered in the Take Profit. Best Bid – orders that enter the market will use the best bid price. If the Min Cap is set, it will reach the minimum price limit. Potential investors have two choices. 

Open a conventional or online account. The conventional account opening process is: Download, fill out and sign the Account Opening Application Form and complete the complete documents. After the document is filled and signed, please contact our Customer Service or your Broker to submit the documents for account opening and activation. Identity Card (KTP), for Indonesian Citizens A valid passport, for Foreign Nationals. 

For Foreign Citizens who are domiciled in Indonesia, they must include a photocopy of a valid KITAS Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) in their own name or on behalf of their husbands for mothers who use their husband's NPWP. Tax Identification Number (TIN) for Foreign Citizens Cimb provides an online stock account opening which is claimed to be done within 1 day. 

Cimb Sekuritas stock trading application can be accessed via: Desktop on PC or Laptop by accessing Cimb Securities trading site. So, we don't need to download it to PC/Laptop. CGS-CIMB iTrade Cimb Sekuritas application on mobile phones in the PlayStore. The minimum initial deposit is Rp. 1.000.000,-. This initial deposit will be recorded in the customer's fund account. 

4. Magic of Securities Ajaib Sekuritas is an online stock trading application that many millennials love. Recently, Ajaib claims to have managed to reach 1 million customers in just a few years. If this claim is true, it is a remarkable achievement. Because so far the number of stock investors in Indonesia is quite limited with low growth. For novice investors, especially millennials, Ajaib presents an attractive UX/UI user experience. The app is easy to use and uncomplicated. The minimum capital is IDR 0, so that potential investors can deposit any amount of capital according to the value of the shares they want to buy. This is good news for students or students who just want to practice saving stocks. Instant top up feature to Permata Bank RDN via any bank (ATM, m-Banking, Internet Banking). 

The RDN number is immediately informed to potential investors via email, as soon as the share account registration is approved by the management of the Magic Application. Free withdrawal feature to Bank Permata account (there is an LLG charge of IDR 2500 for withdrawals to other bank accounts). The minimum withdrawal of funds is only IDR 10,000. Withdrawals on working days before 3pm will be processed on the same day. 

Based on experience, withdrawals from RDN to BCA bank accounts are completed in about 1 hour. Share account registration can be done completely online and does not take long. Potential investors do not need to send documents by post or negotiate with agents at the securities office. Simply download the application from the PlayStore, then follow the flow of the registration procedure. 

After all stages are completed, potential investors only need to wait for about 1x24 hours until the account opening is approved. Stock transaction fees range from 0.10%-0.08% depending on trading volume. This does not include levy fees (BEI, KPEI, KSEI) of 0.043%, VAT brokerage fees of 10%, and final PPh for selling transactions of 0.1%. As an illustration, buying BJTM shares at a price of IDR 515 for 1 lot with a value of IDR 51,500 will incur a transaction fee of IDR 79. 

Informative stock trading platform. Investors can choose stocks independently or based on data per share sector and popular lists (Top Value, Top Gainer, Top Volume, etc.). The profile of each issuer is equipped with data such as fundamental statistics (EPS, PER, PBV, Dividend Yield, RoA, RoE, DER, NPM, etc.), financial charts (Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Income Statement), corporate action schedule, and the latest news. Everything is accessible in one click. 

5. BNI Sekuritas PT BNI Sekuritas was established on April 12, 1995 as a subsidiary of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk., which is 75% owned by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. and 25% owned by SBI Securities Co., Ltd.

PT BNI Sekuritas is a debt securities trading, engaged in the capital market and includes stock trading, investment banking and assets management with Securities Company Business License number. At BNI, there are two types of stock transaction facilities, online and hybrid. Online is a transaction process carried out by the customer himself, through the stock application, without the help of the sales team at the BNI Sekuritas office. 

Hybrid is a transaction process with the help of sales The process of opening an account at BNI Sekuritas online, by: Data registration on the page : bnisekuritas.co.id/regonline Print, add stamp 6000 and sign in the required column Attach a photocopy of your KTP and NPWP, send to: BNI Sekuritas, Sudirman Plaza, Indofood Tower 16th floor, Jl. Gen. Sudirman Kav 76-78 Jakarta 12910 BNI Sekuritas will send an email stating that the account has been opened and can be used to make stock transactions. BNI Sekuritas also provides sharia accounts. 

Sharia Accounts can only conduct stock transactions that are included in the Sharia Securities List (DES) and there is no transaction financing facility (only using customer funds). The terms of stock trading at BNI Sekuritas are: The minimum deposit is IDR 1 million (vs. IDR 5 million hybrid). Share selling fee : 0.25% (no minimum fee) Share buying fee : 0.15% (no minimum fee) Transactions can be made via mobile phones and desktop PCs/Laptops with the esmart application. Transaction fees at BNI Sekuritas make it the lowest-fee securities, which are relatively low compared to other securities, especially the fee for selling shares. 

At BNI Sekuritas, stock account customers can automatically buy and sell Mutual Funds, by filling out a form that is filled in with the share account registration. By also opening a mutual fund account, if the customer doesn't want to invest in stocks, instead of withdrawing the money, it can be parked into the mutual fund. And if later needed, the funds can be withdrawn immediately. 

6. MIFX Monex Forex PT Monex Investindo Futures (MIFX) is a futures brokerage company that facilitates trading of forex, commodities and stock indices. PT Monex Investindo Futures or commonly abbreviated as MIFX is a futures brokerage company Founded in 2000, that facilitates forex and commodity trading with the largest transaction volume in Indonesia. MIFX is legal because Monex Investindo Futures has obtained a permit from BAPPEBTI which was issued about three years since MIFX was founded. I basic legality that every broker or brokerage company must have is issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI). In addition to BAPPEBTI's license, the legality of MIFX is also recognized by several other institutions. The following is a list of MIFX business legalities: BAPPEBTI: 178/BAPPEBTI/SI/I/2003. Jakarta Futures Exchange: No. SPAB-044/BBJ/03/02. Indonesian Commodity and Derivatives Exchange: No. 010/SPKB/ICDX/Dir/III/2010. Indonesian Futures Clearing: No. 14/AK-KBI/III/2003. Indonesia Clearing House: 003/SPKK/ICH-MIF/VII/2017. The investment instruments at MIFX are: 

1. Forex Forex trading at MIFX can be done online via the trading platform. MIFX provides the MIFX Mobile application for faster and easier trading with real time Trading Signals. For experienced traders who want more complete features, MIFX provides MIFX MetaTrader 4. 

2. Commodity MIFX facilitates several commodities that can become investment instruments for its users, which consist of: Gold. Monex presents gold trading solutions in the form of contracts. Trading gold contracts is the same as buying and selling physical gold, only electronically based in a market that is open 24 hours, 5 days per week. Silver. MIFX presents silver trading solutions in the form of contracts. Its advantages are a fast buying and selling process, accurate prices according to spot prices on global markets, high liquidity, and low transaction costs. 

Oil. MIFX offers online oil trading solutions through contracts that make it easy to buy and sell without having to physically own the oil. Index. Index trading can be done virtually via the MIFX trading platform. This online trading system guarantees transaction speed and minimum transaction fees. Minimum Deposit Amount for Trading at MIFX Monex. Forex Trading From IDR 500,000. Now Can Trade Micro Lot With MIFX

7. eToro International Forex Broker eToro is an international broker, foreign, and not from Indonesia. In today's online era, trading is no longer limited by country boundaries. Founded in 2006, eToro aims to provide a financial instrument trading platform for all levels. Starting from beginners to experts. eToro users reach 6 million in 150 countries around the world. Because it operates internationally, eToro's legality comes from various countries. Is eToro safe? Could yes, could not. 

It depends on which side we look at it from. eToro has the following international regulations and permits: eToro (UK) ltd - authorized by FCA (UK) with number registration no. 583263 eToro (Europe) ltd - and authorized by CySEC (Cyprus) with registration no. 109/10 eToro AUS Capital Pty Ltd. - authorized by ASIC (Australia) registration no. AFSL 491139 ACN 612 791 803 eToro (Seychelles) Ltd. - authorized by FSAS (Seychelles) registration no. License #SD076 The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK is known as the world's most stringent regulator, with a number of consumer protection provisions. eToro is not an Indonesian broker, so it is not regulated by CoFTRA - the authority that regulates futures (forex, commodities) brokers in Indonesia. 

eToro won many industry awards during its 14 years of operation as a financial broker. eToro is a multi-asset broker because investors can invest and transact various financial instruments on this 1 platform, namely: Forex: eToro offers 47 currency pairs for trading, including major currencies (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY) and minor currencies (NZD/CAD, EUR/JPY, and USD/ZAR), but not there is a choice of exotic currencies. Leverage on Forex up to 400:1. Stock CFDs: eToro offers 2,000+ stock CFDs, covering major US companies, such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Google. Leverage on stock CFDs up to 5:1. Commodities: eToro offers 31 commodities. These include gold, silver, platinum, petroleum, oil, and soft materials such as cocoa, wheat, sugar, and cotton. Commodity leverage is 10:1 with the exception of gold. Indices: eToro offers trading of 13 stock indices covering UK 100, SPX 500, NSDQ 100 and US DOLLAR. Leverage 20:1 on the index. Cryptocurrencies: 96 crypto pairs available for trading on eToro, including crypto/crypto, as well as crypto/fiat pairs (USD, EUR, JPY, and more). 

Crypto leverage up to 2:1. eToro offers 24/7 crypto trading. ETFs: eToro offers 254 ETFs, including iShares JP Morgan and iShares NASDAQ 100. Leverage is 20:1 on ETFs. There are two conditions, namely the minimum deposit to open an account and the minimum trade size. The initial deposit in eToro to open an account is a minimum of $200. The transaction value, minimum trade size, depends on the financial instrument product, namely: Currencies, commodities and indices: $1,000 ETFs: $500 Stocks: $50 Cryptocurrencies: $25 Note: the trade's exposure (leverage* x invested amount). So, even though the minimum investment in forex and commodities is quite large, $1000, but investors can use leverage or debt. So, to be able to start forex, for example, we just need $10 because the remaining $900 can be borrowed (debt) from a broker. Not only diverse products, we can trade across countries through eToro, namely the NYSE, Nasdaq, London, Paris, Madrid, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia exchanges. 

8. Exness Forex Exness Indonesia is a multi-asset broker that was founded in 2008 and has official regulations and offers a wide range of global services for FX, precious metals, oil, stocks, indices to cryptocurrencies. In May 2021, Exness Broker's trading volume reached 778.3 billion USD with a total of 207,150 active clients. Customers can enjoy leverage levels up to 1:2000. Quite high, although not the highest. However, it is important to note that the terms of leverage in each country may vary. You must check the Leverage regulations in each country. 

Exness offers 2 types of accounts namely Standard Account and Professional Account. The division of this account is also based on the skill of the trader. Standard Account The Standard Account requires a minimum deposit of 1 USD and generally has trading conditions similar to the Standard Cent Account which is highly recommended for beginners. This account type can be used to trade forex and commodities, and Standard account holders will gain access to Meta Trading 5 and more assets including Cryptocurrencies and Indices. Professional Account This Raw Spread account can start with min. 500 USD deposit with 3.50 USD commission and spread from 0 pips. Zero account with min. 500 USD deposit and 3.50 USD commission with guaranteed 0 pip spread for 95% of day trading with 30 currency pairs. Pro Account is a single instant execution account offered by Exness with min. 500 USD deposit and spreads from 0.6 pips but no slippage. There are various choices of Exness platforms, namely:

MT4; Exness offers MetaTrader 4 for Windows and Mac, as well as for Android and iOS mobile platforms. MT5; Equipped with all the best features of MT4, MetaTrader5 is more flexible and has many features. Exness offers MT5 for Windows and Mac, as well as Android and iOS. For traders starting to open an account is very easy. The minimum deposit for opening an account starts from $1. The low deposit makes traders' access more open. Including for novice traders who have limited capital, but want to try to enter the world of forex trading. 

9. XM Broker XM has the advantage of international legality, complete instrument trading features in forex, stock CFDs, commodities, cryptocurrencies with attractive features, such as fixed prices, stable spreads, fast execution, and instant withdrawals, but XM does not yet have a CoFTRA license in Indonesia, so it will always be subject to blocked by SWI OJK. XM has more than 1000 financial instruments that can be traded on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Instruments that can be traded on XM include: Trading Forex, Commodity CFDs, Stock CFDs, Precious Metals CFDs, Index Funds CFDs and Energy CFDs. More than 55 forex currency pairs. 

CFD commodities ranging from chocolate, wheat, sugar, and others. There are 600 company shares on Stock CFD A tradable cryptocurrency 5 days a week for 24 hours. The available XM platform options are: MT4; XM offers MetaTrader 4 for Windows and Mac, as well as for Android and iOS mobile platforms. MT5; Equipped with all the best features of MT4, MetaTrader5 is more flexible and has many features. XM offers MT5 for Windows and Mac, as well as Android and iOS. The minimum deposit amount at XM Indonesia is $5. 

XM Indonesia does not charge any fees for deposits. You can make deposits via local bank transfers (Mandiri, BCA, BNI, BRI, and CIMB Niaga), credit/debit cards, Paypal, Payoneer, Neteller and UnionPay. Deposits can be made in any currency and will be converted to the currency selected as the base currency when opening the account. For traders starting to open an account is very easy. The minimum deposit for opening an account starts from $5. The low deposit makes traders' access more open. Including for novice traders who have limited capital, but want to try to enter the world of forex trading. 

10. GKInvest GKInvest is a forex brokerage trademark of the Global Kapital Investama Berjangka company. GKInvest is a broker or brokerage company that facilitates forex trading transactions and several other investment instruments. Gkinvest provides investment services in foreign forex, stock, oil, gold and stock CFD markets. Gkinvest uses the Metatrader 5 trading platform which can be accessed via desktop, smartphone, tablet and web. GKInvest is safe and legal because it is a brokerage company that has been officially registered with BAPPEBTI Indonesia since 2005. 

GKInvest has the following legalities: Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI): Futures Broker Business License No. 824/BAPPEBTI/SI/II/2005. Approval of SPA 1218/BAPPEBTI/SP/5/2007 Participants. Member of the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) SPAB-103/BBJ/12/04. Indonesian Futures Clearing Member (IDCH) 54/AK-KBI/I/2007. The One of Member of ICDX the Indonesian Commodity & Derivatives Exchange 057/SPKB/ICDX/Dir/XII/2011 and Member of Indonesia Clearing House (ICH) 037/SPKK/ISI-MTB/II/2002. Investment products at GKInvest consist of: Forex GKInvest offers a wide selection of currency pairs in the world. 

Trade in 19 FX currencies Low spreads from 1.6* pips Leverage up to 1:100 Low trade size: trade FX from 0.1 lots on Standard Account Fast execution Advanced charting features in MT5 The advanced charting features on the MT5 Platform are specially designed for active trading in the FX market. 

1. Commodity GKInvest serves commodity trading, which includes: Oil; and precious metals. 

2. Stock index For trading the DAX index with GKInvest investors can make transactions from 0.1 lots, which is 0.10 of the index price, and only needs to deposit 1% of the transaction price. Investors get a variety of companies in the index, and can trade indices in the UK, Europe and the United States. The opportunity is also to be able to profit from a falling market by selling the index. 

3. Contract for Difference (CFD) Single Stock. CFDs are traded over the counter through a network of brokers who manage supply and demand (for CFDs) and set prices. Customers can create their own investment portfolios in large companies from all over the world. Customers can open buy (long) or sell (short) positions on stock CFD contracts to take profits, and use these CFDs to hedge against price movements that could harm the portfolio. Stock CFDs are popular because there are no hidden commissions or monthly fees. Stock CFDs provide an opportunity for retail investors to enter the international stock exchange. The minimum deposit limit at GkInvest is US$200. Minimum withdrawal of US$ 10. The minimum deposit amount for forex investment through GKInvest is set based on the account type. and No commission fees for deposits and withdrawals.

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