List of the Best Syariah Car Insurance 2022

Islamic car insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection for potential financial losses caused by cases of damage, disasters, theft, and others for cars in accordance with Islamic law. In order to be more precise in choosing car insurance, you need to listen to the list of the best Islamic car insurance in this article. This is a list of recommendations for the best Islamic car insurance that can be recorded as planning to buy a car one day. 

1. Chubb Syariah 

Individual Motor Vehicles One of the best Syariah car insurance lists provides protection against damage or even loss of the vehicle. This insurance has been committed to implementing the principles of Islamic law. The various coverage benefits offered by this insurance include: Coverage due to unit damage/loss Compensation for losses due to accidents Third party legal liability 

2. Garda Oto Syariah 

At the beginning of purchasing this insurance premium, representatives of the insurance company and prospective customers will agree on a sharia insurance contract that applies Islamic principles based on mutual help. Interestingly, Garda Oto Syariah customers can enjoy benefits in the form of a no claim bonus scheme and profit sharing if they do not submit a claim in the previous period. Profit sharing is calculated based on the company's profits which are then distributed to customers. Customers also don't need to be confused about looking for partner workshops because the network is as extensive as conventional Garda Oto insurance. 

3. Autocilin 

Sincere One of the recommendations on Autocilin Ikhlas' list of the best Syariah car insurance is the sharia car insurance policy released by Adira Insurance. The policies offered by Autocilin Ikhlas provide customers with the option of customizing insurance premium premiums according to their needs, for both comprehensive and Total Loss Only (TLO) protection. In addition, customers can also get profit sharing at the end of the premium period if they do not submit an insurance claim. Get to know the various protections provided by the following Autocillin Ikhlas car insurance. Compensation for medical expenses Compensation for car damage due to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, strikes and riots. Compensation for third parties Providing compensation for cases of accidents to customers

 4. Sharia Insurance vs Conventional Insurance

Conventional insurance generally uses the principle of buying and selling transactions, which means that both parties (insurance companies and customers) expect profits. Meanwhile, sharia insurance uses the principle of ta'awuni, or help. By implementing the ta'awuni principle, each sharia car insurance customer authorizes the insurance company to manage customer funds, hereinafter referred to as tabarru' funds, based on a wakalah bil ujrah contract, or a mandated contract. For services carried out by the customer's mandate, the insurance company will receive a service fee, which will later be referred to as ujrah. 

The tabarru funds received by the insurance company will be used as compensation funds for customers whose insurance claims are approved. In other words, sharia insurance customer claim funds come from a number of other customers. Due to the principles of Islamic law that form the basis of sharia insurance, the placement and use of tabarru' funds must be in accordance with the teachings of Islam, for example; there must be no elements of gambling, illicit goods, and investment of funds in alcoholic beverage companies in the management of these funds. 

5. Tips for Choosing 

the Best Islamic Car Insurance Like conventional insurance, sharia insurance is also competing to offer various protection packages at affordable prices. However, in order not to choose the wrong list of the best Islamic car insurance, learn the following tips, let's go. 

1. Know the amount of insurance premium Insurance premiums are contributions that must be paid by customers. There are insurance companies that provide monthly and yearly payments. In order for premiums to continue, customers are required to pay premiums regularly. There are many causes that affect the amount of insurance premiums, including the benefits of vehicle insurance covered, the age of the vehicle, domicile, and others. When you want to buy a car, you should prepare car insurance funds outside of buying a car. 

2. Ensure sharia insurance is under DPS supervision Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS) is an institution that oversees the operations of Islamic financial institutions. With DPS supervision on the sharia insurance of your choice, it is likely that the insurance has been running officially in accordance with Islamic law. 

3. Make sure the use of tabarru funds applies Islamic law In Islamic law, tabarru' funds are funds collected from customers and must be utilized by applying the principle of mutual assistance, which is in accordance with the insurance principle known as risk sharing.

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